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Corrugated displays

Why Choose Corrugated POP Displays?

A 2014 study conducted by POPAI, the Point Of Purchase Advertising Association, found that up 76% of grocery and 82% of mass merchant purchase decisions were made in store (reference). Point of purchase displays can give you the edge you need to help sway customers into choosing your product over your competitors.

Corrugated displays offer many advantages over displays made with other materials. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Relatively affordable

  • Quick to produce

  • Strong

  • Easily customizable

  • Easy to assemble

  • light weight / easy to ship

Our line of corrugated displays includes merchandisers in all different sizes for setting your product apart from the competition. Visit our products page to find the display that will give your sales the boost you are looking for.

Why choose corrugated displays

Why Choose Corrshop for your POP display?

Our team has been designing, manufacturing, and selling POP displays for nearly 20 years. We have the experience and expertise to help you create a retail program that will increase sales and grow your brand.

When designing your corrugated POP display, we aim to create something that will be strong and attractive, while using as little material as possible to keep costs low. We constantly strive to create designs that can be folded and packed into small shipping cartons while still being easy to assemble.

Explore our line of corrugated POP display designs to help visualize your next in store promotion. While you are there you can see example pricing and assembly instructions to quickly confirm if a certain display is right for your product.

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We work hard to bring incredible value to our customers.  We’ve curated a wide array of corrugated display designs to choose from, which form a solid jumping off point to begin developing your next POP display program. Each design is flexible and customizable to your needs, and we are here to help guide you towards finding the right display for your product. Contact us today to get started!

As you browse through our product line up, you will see that we provide example pricing at different order quantities for some of our displays. This transparent pricing helps you quickly identify a display that will work within your budget.

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